The French Society for Scottish Studies, with the support of the Laboratoire Cultures – Éducation – Sociétés (LACES EA 4140) and the Département Langues et Cultures will be holding its annual conference at the University of Bordeaux from 9th to 11th October on the following theme:

The Production and Dissemination of Knowledge in Scotland: Invariance and Specificity

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Keynote speaker: James Robertson

James Robertson is the author of five novels : The Fanatic, Joseph Knight, The Testament of Gideon Mack, And the Land Lay Still, and The Professor of Truth. He has also published several collections of short stories and of poetry. He is general editor of the Scots language imprint Itchy Coo which produces books in Scots for children and young people.

Organising Committee:

Lesley Graham, Département Langues et Cultures, Université de Bordeaux.                   Jane Gray-Sadran, Institut de Sciences Politiques, Bordeaux.                                              et toute l’équipe du Département Langues et Cultures.

Scientific Committee: Lesley Graham (LACES/SFEE), Michel Petit (LACES), Marie-Christine Deyrich (LACES), Bill Findlay (SFEE), Jean Berton (SFEE).